Barbara Lamb
Barbara LambAuthor / Researcher
Messages to Humanity Through Crop Circles (Presented Virtually)

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Among the thousands of crop circles that have appeared in the fields of growing crops worldwide, there are special messages and communications to humanity which seem to be coming from other intelligences in the cosmos. Barbara will show pictures of highlights of the crop circle phenomenon and will speculate on the possibilities of their meanings.

BARBARA LAMB  M.S., MFT, CHT has researched the crop circle phenomenon for 31 years, beginning in 1991, and she has personally visited crop circles in England each summer for 27 years. For many of those years she conducted crop circle tour groups of American enthusiasts who were thrilled to have those adventures. She has lectured and has been interviewed widely on the wonders of the crop circle phenomenon, and she is considered one of the leading crop circle researchers and educators in the U.S.  She has co- authored the book Crop Circles Revealed.  Her other books include Alien Experiences, Meet The Hybrids and kids’ Adventures With ET Friends In Space.


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