keepers_of_the_garden_dolores_cannonOur human minds try to conceive of UFOs traveling through vast distances in space to visit Earth, defying the laws of physics as our scientists understand them. Observers and skeptics say the feats performed by these crafts are physically impossible.

I think we shall find that UFOs are not unnatural phenomenon. These vehicles could be obeying laws of physics we have not yet discovered. According to the information I have received, UFOs are able to disappear from view and our radar screens because they suddenly change their vibratory rate. If you observe how the blades of a spinning fan or propeller disappear as the speed of rotation increases, you will have a crude idea of this process works.

We who are living on the physical plane of Earth are vibrating at a slower rate than other places in the Universe. Many of these beings are from other dimensions, where there are many worlds (some physical and some not), which exist invisibly side by side with ours. In order to visit our planet, UFOs reduce their vibratory rate, and operators of these crafts can adjust it instantly according to their will.

Therefore, when UFOs are visible on Earth, they are allowing themselves to be seen. Many people believe that because they have experienced a UFO sighting, they might have also had an abduction experience, but their memory of the encounter was blocked.

I have found that this does not always occur. In some cases, the sighting is enough on its own because subliminal information is “seeded” or transferred to the mind of the observer without physical contact being made. As awe inspiring as they are, sightings of UFOs actually have a much deeper level. UFOs are such fantastic sights that when they make themselves visible their mere presence can “stop the world.” During a sighting, reality as we know it ceases to exist and we have a private experience that envelops us.

One of my subjects recalled a UFO sighting deep in trance he had witnessed nearly twenty years before as a teenager. He was driving on a country road late at night when a light appeared to be following him and then sped up and hovered over a grove of trees. He stopped the truck and closely observed the circular-shaped craft, which was about 25 feet in diameter with a silver metallic bottom and rotating band in the center with flashing orange lights. The craft was perfectly still and made no noise. He was not taken onboard.

The occupants of the UFO he observed planted a seed or idea in his psyche by light infusion. This seed manifested itself at the cellular level and contained a message of oneness these beings wanted to share with him for his spiritual knowledge and growth.

In other cases, sightings of UFOs are precursors to abductions and visitations by aliens from other worlds, and I will write about these complex experiences in further articles about UFOs.

Dolores Cannon

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