If you would like to be a vendor at the Conference, please contact Kristy.

Tel: (800) 935-0045
Email: [email protected]


Single Tables: $125
Paired AB Tables: $175
Additional Tables: $100

All Tables are Covered (2 chairs)
FREE Listing on the Website
FREE Electricity, WIFI and Phone Hookup
One FULL Conference Pass
One Conference T-shirt
One Edited FULL Conference DVD Set



Our vendors have a wide variety of books to choose from: UFOs, Metaphysics etc.



Choose from the greatest jewelry variety than any conference.



Variety of unique handcrafted goods.



To be included in all promotions, email 200 word or less description, location, contact information (email or website) and logo to [email protected] no later than March 24, 2017. Accepted logo formats include jpeg, tif, PDF, and png.

1ABVeil of Truth OmniversityHandcrafted jewelry, Incense, Oils, Meditation Supplies, Orgonite
2Arlene BraswellIntuitive Tarot / Psychic Medium Readins
3Travis WaltonSpeaker
4ABHattrick EnterprisesUFO Merchandise
5David MarlerSpeaker
6, 7, 8, 9Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.Books/T-shirts/DVDs/CDs :
10Indigo Sun
11Hyper Squirrel Beer, LLCFlyers / Brochures
12Deborah MorenoCaricature Pictures
13James ClarksonSpeaker
14The Cleary AgencyScience Fiction Books
15Apache Indigenous DefendersInfo about Dulce Base UFO Conf. / handmade jewelry, handbags, souvenirs
16ABSedona Orgone VortexOrgone antistress generators / Salt Lamps / Pyramids / Domes / Discs / Pendants
17ABSpirit GaeaTarot/ Palmistry / Books/ Jewelry/ Raw Honey
18, 19Fate Magazine
20Glass Art by Jamie BurressFused glass & tourch-worked glass pieces- Jars/Coaster/Dishes/Pendents/Wall Art
21ABKathleen WestbrookBiomat Distributor
22Dean AthanAngel Activation / Channeled Chakra Balancing CDs
23Kathleen MardenSpeaker
24Stanton FriedmanSpeaker
25ABMusuem of the Unexplained UFO HardevidenceExtraterrestrial Artifacts / UFO Novelties / DVDs/ CDs / Books/ Jewelry
26, 27, 28, 29Mystic ForestBooks / T-shirts / Tarot cards / complete metaphysical store
30Active Life Acupuncture & Wellness CenterFree Medical Pulse diagnosis, Wellness products – Candles, oils, Theraputic Tools
31AKTLK The Fringe FMT-Shirts / Promotion / Interviews / Media Coverage
31BDolphinhugs4u2Angelic/ Guide Readings/ Book/ Jewelry/ T-shirts/ Cards/ Magnets
32Mike ClellandSpeaker
33MUFON KansasPromotional Material for MUFON Kansas
34ABHigh Desert Turquiose, LLCUFO/ Alien merchandise, Books, Alien Balloons, Jewelry, Star Frek, Crystals
35Arkansas MUFONUFO Related DVDs, MUFON Journals, Research Papers, etc.
36MUFON Chapter of KansasMUFON and UFO related Books, Magazine, DVDs, Merchandise
37Linda Moulton HoweSpeaker
38Tune In With MeShamanic Stone Readings & Chakra Attonement. Pendulums, Chakra Stone Sets, Crystal Pendents
39ABJasmine’s SterlingSterling Silver Jewelry w/ Natural Stones/ Beads / Malas / Chains/ Hanling Wands
40Family Business OfficeBook- “But What If I’m Right?” / Newsletters
41ABChurch of Divine InterventionQuartz Crystals / Pomo for Spiritual Seminars / Native American Jewelry