(JPEG Image, 307 × 475 pixels)Many investigators of the phenomenon of UFOs only study sightings and try to obtain physical evidence of the crafts having visited Earth, such as landing marks or radiation. Other investigators confine their research to abductions. I have moved beyond these subjects to investigate the bigger picture encompassing the spiritual implications of UFOs: the story of whom we are, where we came from and where we are going.

When investigating UFOs and abductions, many researchers believe the Extraterrestrials involved appear to be conducting some type of genetic manipulation of human beings, with or without our consent. My research has revealed that these aliens are not acting out of clinical or selfish motives, but are carrying out the orders of a higher authority.

One analogy I have used to describe visitations by UFOs and the abductions of humans is that it is akin to a child being treated in a crowded hospital. The child is frightened by the hospital’s clinical setting and the tests being conducted. As adults, we have some understanding of the reason why the child needs to be examined and treated, but to them the busy doctors and staff may seem unemotional and uncaring. It is nearly impossible for us to explain the totality of the circumstances to the child.

In many of the cases I’ve studied concerning UFOs, the aliens described by my subjects display a similar attitude, as though they are dealing with a child or a person of limited intelligence who wouldn’t understand the process even if it were explained to them. Some abductees react as our children might, by protesting that the aliens have no right to treat them this way, without their permission or even trying to explain what is happening.

Some researchers of UFOs and alien abductions dramatically theorize these otherworldly beings abduct humans to take their genetic material for experiments to save their own dying race from extinction by clinically producing alien-human hybrids.

My theory about UFOs and abductions is markedly different. I am told the vast majority of aliens visiting the Earth are not here for their own purposes – but for ours. While there may be some renegade beings engaged on Earth for their own benefit, they are in the minority, operating outside the grand, higher plan for Earth and humanity. The aliens and entities I communicate with are studying us and evolving our DNA for a higher purpose.

As I have written many times before about UFOs and the alien connection to mankind, the Earth was seeded with life many eons ago. Highly advanced and intelligent beings carried out the Creator or God’s master plan to spread life to as many worlds as possible throughout all the universes, in order for Source to have infinite experiences of itself.

UFOs and Extraterrestrials from many worlds are only continuing the work they were assigned to do when life on Earth was conceived: to monitor and care for God’s creation.

Dolores Cannon

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